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Monday 9th June 2014

Yesterday I had an odd experience in the local DIY shop.....
There was a man opposite me, walking alongside the shelves of DIY things. And it was as if became locked into him, and a message went across to him: "say you are sorry, she will be alright about it. Don't stay cross. Put it behind you......etc." Crikey, I was channelling help and advice, in English, to a Frenchman who was completely oblivious to receiving this help. Presumably there would have been some translation during the relay process!

And then a young couple walked past me: To him: "Let her go,  you do not love her as she needs to be loved. She will be upset for a while, but within two years she will find the love of her life.....etc." And to her: "You will be unhappy for a few months, but you will meet someone within eighteen months who will make you much happier than this man does....etc". 


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All the photographs have been taken here on our farm in South West France, except the one on the left, and that was taken in the Pyrennes, which are nearby.

Some of the pages are still being written, so Aspects of Self is a 'work in progress' web site.
Latest News will keep you updated.


This is a circle of friends who, once a week, sit in a quiet place in their individual homes to link in with each other for help and healing for all.


"So if you are thinking, 'I like this idea of sharing this time once a week, to sit and relax, maybe channel or receive healing energy or just enjoy the quiet reflection and positive thoughts because it has been one heck of a day/week/month/year/life,' then please...join in! Don't be put off by the word 'meditate.' For us, 'meditation' is just a word that describes the process of sitting in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in order to think positive thoughts and enjoy a bit of meaningful calm and stillness...."
Denise, Home to Heart

Would you like to join in? Then go here and contact Denise or CT, who are the founders of this group.

We meet every first Monday of the month, 1.30 - 4pm

Would you like to sit in a meditation and healing group in the South West of France?
Then join with us,
and enjoy the companionship and warmth that a circle environment can give to you.
The circle takes place at Dee's lovely home in the Gers, and I guide you through the meditations, with the Universe giving me the necessary guidance to pass on to you.
Both Dee and myself channel healing for you.

Please contact me for further details

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