River beach at Labartere

Sunday, 28th September 2014

Undoing the knitting, and 'Who is that at your shoulder'?

….. ' I could have left it and carried on anyway, but never been satisfied with the jumper after it was finished, because for as long as I had the jumper I would be conscious of  that error' ....... I could have carried on with certain pathways in my life, even if I was not happy and it felt wrong to be doing what I was doing. But I would not allow myself to have the courage to make the necessary changes that would alter those pathways, so I would have stayed stuck where I was, never being happy with my life, perhaps later on in life becoming quite bitter about the way things had become for me…….. 

……."Who is that at your shoulder?" I asked a friend as she walked towards me, because I could 'see' someone was there. How did I know? Because that switch, which I often talk about, had become switched on. It is difficult to describe what 'the switch' is, just to say that it I suddenly seem to become super sensitive, which seems to heighten my ability to connect with that which is beyond us. In other words, I become connected to the energies of the Universe. I can't make this connection happen, it just happens. All I have to do is go with it……………..


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All the photographs have been taken here on our farm in South West France, except the one on the left, and that was taken in the Pyrennes, which are nearby.

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