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When people pass over.......

Friday, 17 October 2014

When people pass over it is a sad time for those they leave behind. They think of the person now not in life, and wish them back with them still. And yet that person who has died has not finished their life, they have just changed dimensions, that's all.

How can I say such a thing? Because my experience has given me such a knowledge. That at a concert last Saturday, moments before I went on stage with the choir I accompany on the piano, I asked my Mum and Dad to give me the courage to play well……I have never asked Mum and Dad for help in that way. Normally I send my thoughts up to the Universe, never to family members who have passed over. But on this occasion I did. And I did manage to play the song alright, despite……..The concert was a big event. And as I watched the rest of the concert Mum and Dad came to me, coming in on the upper left. In the air they were, but not to be seen as if in real life though, but clairvoyantly , which means that although they could not be seen in human terms, (so no one else present could have seen them) the extra sensitivity of clairvoyance enabled me to do just that…..But was it my imagination?

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