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My hands feel strange, and my Mum stops by.........

Sunday, 31st August 2014

After the recent happening, when my chest became all filled up with a huge loving warmth, several things have happened. Firstly, as I thought I would, I felt irritable and unbalanced for a day or so. So, I felt not quite right in myself, and I took my bad humour out on my husband, although quickly realised what I was doing and why I was doing it, and lit a candle to ask for Universe for help. If I had made a healing meditation as soon as I woke up on the day after the 'event' then I would have not been so grotty in temperament. I am my own worst enemy sometimes.

In my previous blog I did say that I was looking forward to finding out what changes there would be both to my personal self and to my spiritual self after the energies of my heart underwent the transformation experience. The first thing I have noticed is that when I hold my hands open during   channelling absent healing  was that the palms of my hands felt different, as if there was a great force there.......

I don't know if this related or not, but last night my mum stopped by to say 'hello' and give me a hug. It was in my dreams that she came, something she would have to do if she wanted to visit because she doesn't have a body anymore. (Mum died over a year ago) .......

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And so another life lesson is learnt!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

I have been blessed with my Arian character. Although hard to live with it has kept me on my toes life long, because it does not let me rest. It is always pushing me towards being a better person, someone who is able to walk the fine line between what is the reality of a human being, and the true reality of that which is beyond us. I am talking about the energies of the Universe. I am also talking about the blending of heart (soul) and mind, and the conquering of the lower self which is governed by the mind, and the soul/ heart self, which is the higher self......

Being me is not easy. I argue with myself a lot. I am cross at myself a lot. I am critical of myself a lot. And I am glad that I do all these things. I am glad that I give myself a hard time. Why? Because by giving myself a hard time I am growing into a very wise lady. I am also finding an inner contentment and a pleasure with the simple things in life. No longer do I want to be living the life that I used to, no longer do I want to be part of the frenetic pace of modern day life....... 

One of the downsides of being me is that other people find me difficult to cope with, .....I do not want this to be so, and in the past I have been made to feel inept by the way in which other people judge me, so to help them feel more comfortable with me I have tended to play the fool, act silly, be less than I can be so that others will not feel so challenged by who I am. This year of 2014 has seen a letting go of this behaviour,

......and I suddenly felt my heart shift and expand, then my whole chest and upper body became filled with a radiant warm light. Wow! It was the sweetest experience, and one which I wanted to stay with forever.... What was happening? I don't know......


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